Shadow Fiction

(Assume one drink for things that don’t have a drink amount next to them)

What’s in a name? (One Drink for each occurance)




Anzu is “tea”






Kaiba is typoed as Kiaba

Yugi is called “Little One” by Atem/Yami

Hikari for Yugi, Ryou or Marik

You Got That Look

azure/ocean/sapphire/amber/honey/chocolate/crimson/amethyst (1 drink for every adjective added to how their eyes looked)

Yugi or Ryou are described with any variation of “angelic” or “innocent” (1 drink)

Atem or Yami are described as tanned or bronzed (1 drink)

Egyptian characters are referred to as “The Egyptian”(2 drinks)

Yugi, Ryou or Marik are referred to as “petite” or “slender”

Eyes are called “orbs”

Leather equals gay.

Hikaris are gay because they look like fem-dolls.

Yamis are gay because the Hikaris look like girls.

It’s All Relative

Yugi has a sister (1 drink)

Yugi and Yami are brothers (1 drink)

Yugi, Yami, and Atem are brothers (3 drinks)

Yami and Atem are twins (3 drinks)

Yugi’s sister has a millennium item and a Yami too! (whole bottle of water)

Kaiba and Yami/Atem are cousins (1 drink)

Kaiba has a long lost relative (2 drinks)

Kaiba has a long lost sister (3 drinks)

Kaiba’s long lost sister has the last name Kaiba and is rich and successful too. (whole bottle of water)

Ryou and Yami Bakura are brothers (1 drink)

Ryou, Yami Bakura, and Thief King Bakura are brothers (3 drinks)

Ryou Bakura’s OTHER sister (2 drinks for insensitivity)

All the Yamis and Hikaris are brothers (bucket of water dumped over the top of your head. Keep the bucket on your head until you find the back button)

Bonus Points if the characters are suddenly incestuous.

High School Confidential

Yugi and Yami go to high school together. (1 drink)

Yugi, Yami, Ryou, Yami Bakura go to high school together. (2 drinks)

All the Yamis and Hikaris are in school together (3 drinks)

Longing lunchroom stares between Yamis and Hikaris.

Anzu helps the characters confess their gay love for one another because she’s the school matchmaker.

Alternatively, Anzu is a bitch because of reasons.

Transfer student. (1 drink)

Foreign exchange student (1 drink)

Self-insertion of author as student in same school as Yugi and friends (whole bottle)

Fic starts in math class (1 drink)

Math is extremely easy (1 drink)

Math is easy and Seto Kaiba is in the that class (3 drinks)

Kaiba stares at Joey during class (1 drink)

They go to the bathroom to “talk” (2 drinks)

Fic starts in health class (1 drink)

Incorrect information (2 drinks- The extra drink is because you want to drown out the realism of an American health class)

Two characters are forced to get gay married (1 drink)

  • Seto Kaiba and Jonouchi get class married? (2 extra drinks)

  • Seto Kaiba and an OC (Whole bottle of water)

the two main characters are usually enemies because of species/family/etc but fall in love’

Sexual Feeling

First time. (1 drink)

“You’re so tight” (2 drinks)

I’m all hot! (3 drinks because this is a shota yaoi line)

Yami/Bakura/Dark Marik feels scared about bottoming because they were abused as a child (2 buckets of water with ICE)

It hurts (1 drink)

It hurts badly (2 drinks)

Anal bleeding (3 drinks)

Blood is good for lube (whole bottle of water)

Soul Room Sex (3 drinks)

It’s so big! (2 drinks)

Always a Woman to Me

Anzu bashing (1 drink)

Serenity is portrayed as young and stupid (1 drink)

In Another Universe You Were a Vampire

The fic is a vampire/werewolf AU. (1 drink)

Werewolf and vampire are in love? (two drinks)

Vampires/werewolves needing to find a mate (2 drinks)

Or else? (whole bottle of water.)

The fic is a Neko AU that involves estrus even though the characters are all male. (3 drinks because what are you reading?)

The fic is a yaoi version of The Little Mermaid. (Dump a bucket of water on your head because you knew what it was before you clicked into it)

The fic involves Atem as a Genie in servitude to Yugi. (2 drinks because Genies aren’t even Ancient Egyptian)

Gang fic. (1 drink)


The fic involves faeries. (one drink because it might be good?)

The fic takes place in a NIGHTCLUB or a STRIPCLUB. (two drinks.)

Angel and Demon fics in which the Hikaris are angels and the Yamis are Demons that fall in love with each other.(6 drinks, one for each person)

Succubus fic

They are all Dragons (1 drink because it has grounds)

Sex Slave fic (1 drink)

M-Preg is included (fill a tub water and dunk yourself)

Janie’s Got a Gun

(WARNING: The following section is filled with tropes for abuse and non consensual sexual situations) The measuring system is now bags of potatoes you are supposed to hit the authors’ with. This is only figurative. You are welcome to choose to drink instead of throw potatoes. Each one of these is worth how ever many potatoes you think it does.

Ancient Egypt AU where Yugi/Heba becomes Atem’s sex slave.(3 drinks)

Bonus drink if:

  • Atem is a douchecanone and only Yugi/Heba can “melt his icy heart”.

  • “Jono” is Set’s sex slave.

  • Atem, Set, Bakura and Marik all grew up together and the Set, Bakura and Marik are his advisers.

One of the Yamis rapes a Hikari only for that Hikari to fall in love with them.

Seto Kaiba BUYS someone else.

Seto Kaiba BUYS someone else as a sex slave.

Atem buys Heba from his father or kills Heba’s father to get Heba as a sex slave.

Consensual sex soon after sexual assault

Rape used as a backstory lightly. Especially in the case of child abuse.

Pegasus or Dratz is a pedophile.

A character had their guardian murdered in front of them as a child and does not feel the effects of PTSD or memory loss.

Mental and emotional abuse are taken lightly.

Atem murders someone for no reason at all and there is no consequence, in fact Yugi/Heba forgives him and doesn’t seem to care.

Yugi is mentally and emotionally abused by his grandfather or parents.

Yugi makes no attempt to fight back or escape until his white knight Atem/Yami shows up to save him.

Jonouchi is physically abused so badly that he can’t go to school.

Jonouchi is raped by his father.

Jonouchi makes no attempt to run away from his abuse until white knight Seto Kaiba saves him.

Using make-up to cover large gashes.

Abuse used as a plot device to get two characters together.

Ryou Bakura commits suicide because he is in love with Yami Bakura.

When alcohol makes a character hate karaoke and love non-con

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