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NGE is best anime. Everyone else can go home.






A friendly reminder that Evas are fucking terrifying.

Too many people only seem to appreciate the Evas as “mecha” when they are in fact 100% monster.

Evangelion is a series about titanic Frankensteinian abominations forced to defend the earth from cosmic horrors.

There isn’t even one “robot” in it not even nowhere

It’s an awesome revelation when they explain the armor isn’t to protect them- It’s to cage them.

I think its just as horrifying to remember that 14 year old kids are literally drilled into the necks of these things and control them somehow.

So Attack on Titan is a genre closer to Evangelion than Gundam is? WHAT THE FUCK

How on earth were you mislead? Did you not watch Eva?? It is my favorite anime. It is what makes me not think anything is original anymore and act like a sad hipster that everyone enjoys Madoka and AOT so much but has like no desire to watch Eva because Old. 

Eva is what makes me an anime fan. Sure, I love derpy Yugioh but if you want to know an anime I think is actually good… Eva is my favorite. I danced at my wedding as the first dance to it’s ending theme. 

If you ever saw Future Diary without seeing Eva… then I feel bad that you don’t get to know the wonderful reference. No.6? Eva. Clearly.

Every Moe anime? Yup sadly Eva. Eva everywhere. Haruhi… clearly Eva. 

Eva is shonen ai. Probably didn’t know that but it is shonen ai and even more shonen ai in the manga.


your domesticated cat does not have a “native environment”, they are not natural, they do not BELONG anywhere

they were literally bred by people for specific uses and companionship and were introduced around the world where they’ve destroyed actual native wildlife because people throw them outside and let them do as they please

i am so tired of this argument of “it’s natural!!” and “they’re an animal, they belong outside!”

if these were dogs killing bigger game you would acknowledge it’s wrong and that they belong indoors or supervised, so why the hell are you saying this shit is okay for a cat? they do just as much damage if not more because they can so easily get into everything.

your cat is not a tiger. they do not “belong” outside. they are not a “wild animal”, they are a domesticated species we bred down over centuries, thus making them every ecosystem’s fucking nightmare.

Guess What? Sailor Moon’s new dub voice actress is going to be at my local con. <3 And this happens to be the first year I am cosplaying Sailor Moon.

Usui the fudanshi Takumi

My husband IRL


that answers all the questions i didn’t ask


that answers all the questions i didn’t ask